Wow! Comments!

This is my official apology for not responding to everyone’s comments. I threw this website onto the internet, wrote a few things, and then got busy with my practice. Forgive me as I didn’t major in computers …. I majored in Animal Science and then got a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine.  Thanks for your patience and hug your pets for me today.

–Rachel Roark,DVM

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  1. Mary Ann Niles says:

    My 17 year old cat, Buster Bean became so sick with Diabetes and I knew we didn’t have much time if I didn’t get him to the vet. My first thought was; will he even make it to the vet? He hates the vet visits and they make him even more sick. So I googled mobile vet services Dallas Texas and found Dr. Roark. She was at my place in a flash; she even went out of her way to come back by early the following morning knowing how stressed and upset that I was in tryin got keep my boy alive. She is so caring. I would highly recommend her to anyone. It’s reasonable and the hassle free. I wish I had found her a lot sooner. Buster Bean is healthy again thanks to Dr. Roark. You are the best. You rock!

  2. Kani says:

    Do you treat hedgehogs, too? I can’t find any exotic vets that treat hedgies!

    • Rachel Roark says:

      While Dr. Roark doesn’t work on hedgehogs as a regular part of her practice, she is a part of VIN (Veterinary Information Networks) and has access to several specialists in the field of exotics. She is willing to learn with you and your pet. If you haven any questions, please call us at 214.605.4235. Thank you.

  3. R Jimenez says:

    Dr. Roark came by and vaccinated our German Shepherd (who normally doesn’t like anyone). Our four legged daughter warmed up to Dr. Roark right away. The doctor gave us a lot of GOOD information. Plus she was super nice, very professional and punctual and the prices were reasonable! We will be calling her from now on! I highly recommend her!

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