At-home Euthanasia

There have been a lot of questions about this topic so I felt the need to devote a page to this. Most people have entirely too much to deal with emotionally when saying goodbye to that special pet. There are completely normal feelings of grief, sadness, anxiety, anger and guilt that go along with euthanasia. A housecall is a good way to alleviate some of the stress and allows you to focus on your pet and your feelings of grief and loss.

At-home Euthanasia is a two step process, in which you can stay with your pet or choose to leave them in our care. The first injection calms and stills the pet, the second slows the breathing and heart rate until the pet passes in their sleep. The process is fairly quick and allows them to be in familiar surroundings with you at their side.

Our cremation and burial services are handled through ToothAcres Pet Care Center. We can help you with arrangements when you call about the Euthanasia. ToothAcres offers communal, private partitioned, and private cremation services at an additional cost to our services. We will transport your pet to their facility and handle the arrangements for you.

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